FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Should we use the Bio-Circle L liquid only with the Bio-Circle™ machine or can we use it with other cleaning tubs?

To eliminate oil and grease, Bio-Circle L needs oxygen and a temperature of 37°C. The Bio-Circle™ machine provides these conditions. In other cleaning tubs, the brush, the pumps and the unit itself are not designed for use with water-based products.

What happens when the power supply is cut or when the machine is unplugged for two (2) or three (3) days?

In this case, if the surface of the liquid is free from oil, the microorganisms go into a "sleep" mode but stay alive. If the surface is completely covered with an oily film, the microorganisms will not receive oxygen and they will die. In such case, remove the oil using absorbent pads.

Can we continue to use the Bio-Circle L liquid if the microorganisms are dead?

No. As a general rule, the Bio-Circle™ cleaner must be replaced. However, there is a trick to avoid changing all of the liquid. Depending on the condition of the solution, it consists of removing a minimum of 40L of the solution (which will be kept in clean containers) and replace them with 40L of new Bio-Circle L to add living microorganisms into the machine. The machine must be kept running. The 40L of Bio-Circle L liquid removed from the machine can be used at a later time for top up. This procedure can only be applied if the microorganisms have not been "poisoned" by solvents or disinfectants.

Is it preferable to wear gloves when working with Bio-Circle L?

It is recommended to wear gloves, especially during a prolonged use, because the liquid Bio-Circle L liquid has strong degreasing power and because oil/grease can irritate skin.

How much oil/grease can the system handle?

The Bio-Circle™ system has been designed to remediate oil and grease residues normally found on parts to be cleaned in daily operations. Excess oil and grease should be disposed of prior to cleaning the parts. The Bio-Circle™ system should not be used as a waste dump.

Which materials is Bio-Circle L compatible with?

Bio-Circle L cleaning fluid is compatible with all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, most plastics as well as painted surfaces, etc. However, test for material compatibility before soaking sensitive materials such as plastics or painted surfaces.

Why is Bio-Circle L turning dark after only a few days of use?

Unused Bio-Circle L in its container is an almost clear liquid. Once used, the liquid becomes dark from contact with oil and grease. This is normal and does not affect the cleaning performance of the Bio-Circle L at all, nor does it give an indication of the bioremediation activity.

Does BC Liquid have a dermatological report?

YES! There is no risk for your skin as Bio-Circle is non-solvent, non-VOC, harmless natural water-based product (neutral PH). Heavy rubber gloves, respirators, and other protective gear are unnecessary. However, wearing gloves while cleaning will protect your skin from grease, oil, other contaminants and debris which the system is designed to clean.

Is Bio-Circle Liquid NSF and CFIA approved?

It is NSF approved. It can be used in food plants in Canada. The CFIA provided its use will not present a sanitary maintenance problem to the food environment or food during its use and storage. If the product is used in the maintenance areas of a food plant on equipments or parts that is intended for use in the food handling areas, then the equipment or parts will have to be washed with an accepted cleaner (i.e UNO SV) and then rinsed with potable water before it re-use in the food handling areas.

May Bio-Circle system be used in Bio Medical or Pharmaceutical Industry?

Yes, the micro organisms used in Bio-Circle L are declared as members of risk group (RG) 1 according to 3 Biostoffverordnung (Bioagents order) in Germany. This classification is comparable with Bio safety Level (BSL) 1 in Bio safety in Microbiological and Biomedical Laboratories (BMBL), which is established by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the National Institutes of Health.RG-1 and BSL-1 are the lowest safety classifications for microorganisms.

What is the Safety description of Bio-Circle Liquid?

HEALTH: None risks. FLAMMABILITY: None Flash Point - Non Flammable ingredients. REACTIVITY: Stable and non water reactive - Water based product - Non reactive ingredients or mixture. OTHER: Non Carcinogenic - Non Corrosive - Non Irritant - Non-Oxidizer - Non Toxic

May I be infected by the Micro-organisms or feeling sick after using this cleaner?

No, Bio-Circle Liquid is completely safe for humans; it contains non-pathogenic Micro-organisms (CL1) that are listed in the document called-Non-Pathogenic Organisms- in column -Bacteria-, published by the Public Health Agency of Canada. Micro-organisms in Bio-Circle system are Bio selected Specimens. As indicated on the MSDS, only the ingestion of the liquid can cause diarrhea.

Will Bio-Circle L clean: rust, dirt, scale, paint, carbon, ink, etc?

Bio-Circle L has very strong surfactants in it, so it will clean a wide variety of contaminants; however, it's designed and recommended to clean biodegradable oils and greases; for any other application please ask...

Can Bio-Circle system digest and remediate any contaminant?

Bio-Circle L will only digest Biodegradable material, but if greases and oils are not 100% biodegradables, this is not a problem because residues can be filtrated and removed during the Care service. Sometimes we can find in the field applications where the system is not recommended depending of the contaminants involved.

Is Bio-Circle Liquid containing a corrosion and rust preventive additive?

Yes, it does, but it is a temporary corrosion protection. In sensitive parts, humidity residue must be removed with a clean cloth or compressed dried air. Use corrosion protector on the parts if necessary.

Will the solution damage o-rings, plastic joints, etc?

No, Bio-Circle L is safe on plastics and rubbers.

Is Bio-Circle L safe to clean parts containing electric/electronic components?

Under consultation!

Can I switch the Bio-Circle off or use it with an automatic timer?

No, because the microorganisms in the system will cease to work properly (the process is reversed and fermentation will take place) due to missing oxygen supply, which may then lead to insufficient oil degradation. Since the Bio-Circle L is formulated with microorganisms, the system requires 120V outlet with a ground fault adaptor to be used at all times to maintain temperature and oxygen conditions in the tank and keep the liquid performing at optimal levels.

Can I turn off the machine during the night/weekend?

NO, the Bio-Circle machine only can be turned off when the Service Care is being done. The best time to bioremediate oils and greases and clean the liquid by the Micro organism is during the weekend and during the night because they will eat all the excess of oils and greases which have been added in the system during the day. If the machine is turned off, the micro organisms will sleep, they will not do bioremediation, so the liquid will always have a grade of saturation, in addition the customer will need to wait between 3-4 hours to have the system ready at 41 degree Celsius for cleaning

Can I apply a paint or coating on the parts after cleaning with Bio-Circle L?

Yes and no; as there are plenty of paints in the market, and also the washing quality of the Bio-Circle L may change depending on the contaminations added to the system, we cannot guarantee general paint adhesion. Plenty of customers carry out paint adhesion tests for their components and paints, and also use the Bio-Circle system for degreasing prior painting or coating. After cleaning with Bio-Circle system, if the customer needs to prepare the surface before coating you can recommend the use of the products AF-CLEAN or FT200.

What is the shelf life of unused Bio-Circle Liquid?

12 months as in original container

Can I also fill the Bio-Circle machine with other cleaners?

NO, because we have not carried out any material compatibility test for such cleaners (materials, pump, heating, hoses, gaskets, etc.). The use of solvents or flammable liquids in general, is strictly prohibited because it is dangerous. The Bio-Circle is not an explosion-proof device. We recommend to our customer do not introduce in the system substances such as disinfectants, bleaches, solvents, acids or chlorinated products (Please see the tips to keep the BIO-CIRCLE system performance). In addition, if the Bio-Circle liquid is mixed with others cleaning products or water, the chemistry of the liquid will change and then the Micro-organisms in Bio-Circle L could die, so the liquid cannot longer be used. Do not fill the machine with water. The Bio-Circle machines remain Walter's property, we reserve the right to remove the machine if any other liquid than the Bio-Circle L is used.