Nature Boost

What is Nature Boost™?

Nature Boost is a new raw material ingredient derived from natural extracts that is exclusive to BIO-CIRCLE. Nature Boost acts as a powerful cleaner while remaining non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable and VOC free! Through the powers of Nature Boost, you can quickly and easily remove stubborn ink, paint, rubber marks, tar, wax, resins, carbon, soot, pastes, adhesives, and many other hard to clean contaminants.

Eliminate harsh solvents that pose health and safety risks in your facility. Embrace the power of Nature Boost, the evolution of cleaning!

Walter offers three brands made with its exclusive Nature Boost:

  • Bio-Circle™ Ultra: Designed to work with a Bio-Circle Industrial parts washing machine, this unique solution takes on the most rugged cleaning applications.
  • GS 200™: Made from 100% Nature Boost, GS 200 is a powerful, fast-acting concentrated cleaner used in the most extreme applications.
  • CB 100™: Is an all-natural, water-based cleaner and degreaser which boasts its strength through Nature Boost!

GS 200

Cleans when nothing else can!

CB 100

Superior cleaning of industrial contaminants!


Effortlessly removes the hardest contaminantst!