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The Bio-Circle solution uses a natural process to provide user-friendly, eco-friendly and economical parts washing. Bio-Circle fluids clean without solvents thus protecting the employee and the environment from highly volatile vapors and toxic chemicals compounds.

Bio-Circle fluids contain both soaps for cleaning power and microorganisms for bioremediation. The surfactants or soaps in the Bio-Circle solutions dissolves oils, light greases and similar contaminants from parts. Once the oil is washed from the part the natural microorganisms biodegrade the greases and oils into CO2 and H2O in a natural process called bioremediation. In order to maximize the activity of the solution and degrade all hydrocarbons generated by daily parts cleaning activity, the liquid is maintained at ideal temperature and aeration conditions.

While it is only recently that bioremediation was combined with water-based cleaners to provide an alternative to industrial solvent parts washers, bioremediation has been taking place for millions of years and is already widely and successfully used for soil decontamination and as part of waste management programs. Bioremediation offers an attractive method of transforming contaminants such as oil and grease, into harmless products such as water and carbon dioxide.