Gearing up for a greener world


Gearing up for a greener world

With the aluminum body program implemented by most automotive manufacturers, Bio-Circle aims to equip them right from the beginning, with the proper cleaning and degreasing tools that are made to be use on sensitive materials such as aluminum


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CB 100 Alu

CB 100 ALUTM, natural water-based solvent for aluminum

CB 100 ALU is a powerful cleaner and degreaser that leverages Nature Boost and is specially designed for cleaning aluminum and sensitive alloys. Similar to the original CB 100 cleaning solution, this natural water-based solvent also replaces the use of large quantities of solvents and petroleum-based products, making this a great choice for companies looking to improve workplace health and safety.

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Alustar 200


Concentrated alkaline cleaner and degreaser for the cleaning of aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys in automated parts washing systems. ALUSTAR 200 is ideal for dissolving oil, grease, lubricants and grime. NSF category A8, registration #145452

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Bio-Circle Aero

Bio-Circle AeroTM, cleaning liquid designed for the aerospace industry

Aeronautics customers with stringent requirements specific to the industry choose Bio-Circle Aero liquid. This liquid conforms to Boeing D6-17487 revision R, Douglas Aircraft company CSD No.1 (Type I), AMS 1526C, MIL-PRF-29602A.

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CleanBox Flow Mobile

CleanBoxTM Flow kit

The CleanBox Flow is an industrial parts washer designed for use on a counter, table or bench top. This base model is the most cost effective offering available within Bio-Circle family of industrial parts washing systems. The CleanBox Flow comes equipped with: a sink and flow through cleaning brush, a basin and pump, and two 20 L of CB 100 natural cleaner and degreaser.