Fleet Maintenance

Helping you from start to finish with Bio-Circle environmental solutions

Helping you from start to finish with Bio-Circle environmental solutions!

Reduce your environmental impact with Bio-Circle environmentally friendly solutions. We produce a variety of Bio-Circle cleaning and degreasing solutions effortlessly remove caked-on grease and oils from gears and bearings.

At Bio-Circle, we work closely with you and follow the market trends so that we can provide the right solutions for your needs. That's why we know with the increase in aluminum consumption in the transportation industry, we need to be properly prepared to clean and maintain aluminum in the most efficient way possible. This means, producing the right cleaning and degreasing solutions for aluminum based products, as well as the toughest solutions to clean caked-on grease and oils on your gears and bearings.

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Discover how Kenworth reduces fleet downtime and enhances productivity with bio-renewable cleaners.

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CB 100TM, natural based solvent

CB 100 is an all-natural water-based solvent. Through the powers of our exclusive Nature Boost technology, CB 100 boasts superior cleaning results when challenged with the removal of: heavy greases, anti-seize, burnt oil/fat, paint, food residues, pastes/solid lubricants, crude oil, graphite, proteins and many other common industrial contaminants. CB 100 is compatible with steel, stainless steel, aluminum and non-ferrous metals. NSF category C1, registration #148555

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UNO S FTM, foamless formulation cleaner

For applications where foaming would interfere. NSF category A1, registration #142609

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Concentrated alkaline cleaner and degreaser for the cleaning of aluminum and other non-ferrous alloys in automated parts washing systems. ALUSTAR 200 is ideal for dissolving oil, grease, lubricants and grime. NSF category A8, registration #145452

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Bio-Circle AeroTM, cleaning liquid designed for the aerospace industry

Aeronautics customers with stringent requirements specific to the industry choose Bio-Circle Aero liquid. This liquid conforms to Boeing D6-17487 revision R, Douglas Aircraft company CSD No.1 (Type I), AMS 1526C, MIL-PRF-29602A.

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