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Cutting edge technologies for food processing

Cutting edge technologies for food processing

Bio-Circle helps customers in the food & beverage industry by providing the right solutions to ensure seamless production. Bio-Circle cleaning and lubrication products for the food & beverage industry have been rigorously tested to meet and exceed regulations, including NSF and CFIA certification.

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E-NOX CLEANTM, high strength stainless steel cleaner

Highly concentrated, gel formulation cleaner for the removal of rust and mineral deposits from stainless steel. Removes contaminants without attacking the parent material. NSF category A3, registration #142614

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E-NOX SHINETM, Stainless steel surface cleaner and protector

An innovative, non-hazardous product that removes light contaminants from stainless steel in one easy step. NSF category P1, registration #131393

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Power Cleaner 100

UNO S VTM, viscous stainless cleaner

For manual cleaning applications of inclined and vertical surfaces.

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Power Cleaner 100

FOOD ZONETM ,food grade general purpose cleaner

Multi-purpose lubricant and penetrating oil developed for food industry manufacturing plants. Extends equipment life and protects machinery against friction, wear and corrosion.

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