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Only The Best Industrial Parts Washing Systems

The safest, most efficient alternative to toxic solvent parts washing...

CleanboxTM flow Industrial parts washing system

The CleanBoxTM is ideal for maintenance departments and shops where space is limited but there are small to medium sized parts that need to be cleaned. Once filled with CB 100 (a powerful green cleaning solution), the CleanBox Flow can clean some of the toughest industrial contaminants using just a fraction of the space of a traditional parts washer.

CB 100TM Powerful Green Cleaner & Degreaser

CB 100 is a high-strength cleaner /degreaser designed to remove tough industrial contaminants like oil, grease, tar, wax, rubber marks and more. Formulated from renewable natural resources, CB 100 is biodegradable, non-flammable, free of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and safe for use on all metal surfaces. Best of all, CB 100 can be diluated up to 1:5 with water for powerful, economic cleaning of metal parts and surfaces.

Bio-rustTM Non-corrosive rust remover

Submerge corroded parts in BIO-RUST to remove the rust without pitting or damaging the underlying metal.