Customer Programs

Partnership in Productivity

Bio-Circle is committed to helping you work better. That's why we developed programs dedicated to safety and productivity, including labs tests, chemical safety seminars and chemical audits.

The Bucket Program

Lab Tests

Bio-Circle assists in optimizing your workflow by performing lab tests based on your cleaning needs.Our team will analyze your contaminants and cleaning processes and make recommendations as to how you can improve efficiency and productivity.

A detailed cost analysis report is also provided so that you can compare products in terms of usage, efficiency, power, product life and cost.The goal is to provide you with all the facts so that you can make informed decisions which will positively impact your business.

Contact your Walter representative or distributor and ask how we can provide you a Lab Test.

Chemicals Safety Seminars

Because health and safety are top priority!

We understand that safety is an important aspect of the business, which is why our team offers FREE Chemical Safety seminars to encourage a safer work environment. Topics include best practices, hazardous material control and material handling. We customize these seminars so that you can provide the optimal training to your team!

The safety seminars are free of charge and helps Walter set the standard for industry best practices.Contact your local representative or distributor to see if you are qualified to participate in the free chemical safety seminars.

Chemical Audits

Working to positively impact your business

A typical company can carry a dozen different chemical solutions for different cleaning requirements. This can be costly and a hassle to maintain stock with multiple vendors.

Our team will come to your facility, analyze your cleaning needs and consolidate your needs into the fewest products as possible. This process will help optimize your inventory and provide cost savings.