Air Force OMNI™ DRUM, Start up Package

Cleaner/Lubricant/Protector in a refillable aerosol can

Reduce your costs by eliminating the need to dispose of empty aerosol cans. Joining the Air Force AF-PL, OMNI is now offered in refillable aerosol can by using compressed air available at your worksite.

Ordering Information

Order No
Std Pkg
List Price
53-M 012AFOD 1 3090.00

The kit includes

Order No
53-X 008 OMNI™ Cleaner / Lubricant / Protector 208 L 55 gal 1
53-M 132 Air Force PL refillable sprayer for OMNI 6
53-M 012 Air Force PL Air Force PL automatic refillig station for AF-PL 1