Bio-Circle™ AERO DRUM + MAXI, Start-up Package

For the heaviest parts and toughest cleaning applications

Looking for fast and thorough cleaning solution for the aeronautical and aerospatial industry... Bio-Circle Maxi is our most versatile system and when used with Bio-Circle Aero, a bioremediating parts cleaning fluid specifically designed for this industry.

Ordering Information

Order No
Std Pkg
List Price
55-D 600BCAD 1 2250.00

The kit includes

Order No
55-D 600 Bio-Circle® Maxi Large manual parts washer for Bio-remediating solutions 1
55-A 208 BIO-CIRCLE® Aero Bio-remediating parts cleaner/degreaser safe for use with sensitive materials 208 L 55 gal 1